Snowbird is where the Agile community started

The Snowbird Collaboratory is a place to meet with like minds and continue developing what began at Snowbird.

It’s a global hub for Agile practitioners who have over five years experience satisfying the needs of their organisations using Agile values, principles and practices.

It exists to meet the needs of this ‘community of thinkers’*.

A Collaboratory is more than an elaborate collection of information and communications technologies; it is a new networked organizational form that also includes social processes; collaboration techniques; formal and informal communication; and agreement on norms, principles, values, and rules.


Membership is by nomination: each member has been nominated and seconded by other members, who affirm that they have the requisite five years of pertinent experience. Some members volunteer as administrators to manage the membership list and this site.

Members abide by a simple code of conduct, which boils down to “Don’t do things you would be ashamed of, and which will embarrass other members by association.” This code of conduct is developed by members and administered by The Spanish Inquisition.

* We honour Jean Tabaka, who wrote about the idea of “a community of thinkers” together with Liz Keogh and Eric Willike in 2013.