A Community of Needs

The Collaboratory is a Community of Needs.

What’s that?

In this video, Chris Matts presents the concept and relates it to some models agilists already use: Real Options, Cynefin, and The Moore Technology Adoption “Crossing the Chasm” curve.


1 thought on “A Community of Needs”

  1. Interesting thought leadership about the difference between a Community of Needs and a Community of Solutions.
    Needs are about learning and aimed at working with the early adopters to address complexity or chaos. Solutions is the domain where experts provide “proven” ways to do things “right”. Solutions help late adopters and laggards address complicated and obvious problems.
    Great tip for presenters via @totheralistair to use hand-drawn slides if you are inviting discussion and PowerPoint shapes if you are ‘selling’ authority and solutions.

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