Membership is open for everyone who:

  1. Has over five years experience satisfying the needs of (your) organisation(s) applying Agile Principles, Values and Practices.
  2. Knows two members of the Snowbird Collaboratory that can confirm the previous point from their own experience and have confirmed they are willing to nominate/second the nomination.
  3. Is willing to uphold our Code of Conduct.

Ask to be nominated

Explicitly ask one existing member to nominate you, and another to second your membership. You can ask face to face or via messages. The person nominating you will fill in a nomination form for you.

Nominating a new member

When you nominate or second someone to become a member of the Snowbird Collaboratory, you are sharing your brand with them. That is why it is important to know the person you are nominating or seconding well-enough. Only share your brand with people you want to be associated with.

Only nominate people who you know well and trust and are prepared to work / collaborate with.

Code of Conduct

Consider this when nominating your colleagues: we ask members to abide by some simple rules, which can be summarized as: “Don’t do things you would be ashamed of and which would embarrass other members by association.” Code of Conduct.

If two people you nominate are excommunicated, you will lose your right to nominate and second people for a period of time.

The membership list email is maintained by our volunteer community of administrators.

The Collaboratory is a Community of Needs. Find out more by watching this video: