Spanish Inquisition

Leather Recliner #723Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition.

As a result people are surprised when the need arises.

The Spanish Inquisition will investigate incidents where members of the Snowbird Collaboratory have violated the code of conduct. The Spanish Inquisition will be empowered to instigate the following sanctions on members found in breach of the code of conduct:

  1. Excommunication including removal of their name from the list of membership. The Snowbird Collaboratory will not publish the names of anyone who is excommunicated.
  2. Withdrawal of privilege to nominate and second membership of the Snowbird Collaboratory for a period of time.
  3. A period of time in an Iron Maiden, whilst being forced to listen to Iron Maiden.
  4. Listening to a three hour lecture from a first-year practitioner focused on the member’s area of specialization.



Image credit: “Leather Recliner #723” licensed (CC BY-SA 2.0) Design