Getting started on our website

Welcome to the Snowbird Collaboratory 😉

When you have been nominated you’ll receive an email with login details to access the member-only content of this website.


The new website adds extra features for members like direct messaging, communities, blogging and forums.


Browse the website for a while and then click Communities on the left menu.

You will be shown three communities (if not, contact me).

– Watercooler (for chit-chat, you are automatically added to this community)

– General (general messages, you are automatically added to this community))

– Snowbird Administrators (if you want to help, please contact one of the Snowbird Administrators)

Each community will have a number of tabs.

– Activity gives a details list of all activities in this group

– Forum shows topics and replies to topics (like the topics on google groups)

– Members shows who are in this community. You can invite more people if you want.

Communities can be public (anybody can join), private (anybody can join by invitation) and hidden (not shown in the list of communities unless you’re an administrator of member of that group, anybody can join by invitation).
Hidden communities are not promoted, but may be handy when you’re setting up a new community and want to make it public or private once the setup is done.

You can add new communities yourself (option will be available soon), think along the lines of

Also on the site is the possibility to view Yves’ Agile Conferences Agenda’s. You can not edit the agenda directly. Use the contact form if you want to add something to an agenda.

On the top right where your picture/avatar is, is a menu too. From there you can browse your profile and personal settings.

We value your privacy, so using these settings you can control which information from your profile will be visible and for who.
Your name will be visible to all visitors of the Snowbird Collaboratory website. Your nominator, seconder and twitter are by default visible to all members of the collaboratory.

Your profile is also the place to add blogposts. All posts you blog will be added to the general Snowbird Collaboratory blog and is visible to the whole world.

Enjoy your new Collaboratory 😉

Looking forward to meeting you there 😉

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